Knuchel Farben
Parent company with production and development for the areas of building protection, wood as well as automotive and industrial coatings.
Subsidiary specialized in high quality painting and coating systems for industry, steel and hydraulic engineering as well as in many special fields.
Knuchel Farben LTD well-known brand for building protection products. Serves as a secondary brand, where an independent appearance should be possible.
Chemical resistant and bituminous coatings

13    Chemical resistant and bituminous coatings

bitumen combi coating
BRICATEK is a high quality, phenol-free and PVC plastic coated bitumen / tar varnish for sealing various materials such as iron, concrete, masonry and wood. BRICATEK is quick-drying, elastic, water-repellent and has excellent resistance to salt water and chemicals. BRICATEK cannot be painted over with a traditional paint system due to its thermoplasticity. The coatings remain tack-free at temperatures up to 70 °C and crack-free at low temperatures.
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2103 COROPUR Teer
1K-FH tar coating standard
COROPUR Teer is a combination of a moisture-curing (FH) polyisocyanate and tar. COROPUR Teer is, comparable to the usual 2-component epoyy- or polyurethane tar coating materials, particularly suitable for the long-term corrosion protection of all steel surfaces. It is particularly characterized by high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and low water and water vapour diffusion. Permanent temperature resistant: 60 °C up to a maximum of 80 °C
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2K-epoxy silo coating
SILOPOX is a solvent-free, self-leveling, jointless and liquid-tight 2-component coating based on epoxy resin. The high resistance to organic acids at elevated temperatures makes SILOPOX a suitable coating for feed silos. Resistance to a wide range of chemicals, petrol, mineral oils, diluted acids and alkalis, etc. is very good. SILOPOX produces tough elastic coatings with high impact, shock and abrasion resistance and layer thicknesses from 1000 µm are achieved. Layer thicknesses of several millimetres are possible by adding quartz mixtures.
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silo paint
SILOSIL silo paint is a transparent, water glass based product for the protection of mineral substrates. SILOSIL silicifies with the substrate and creates a water-repellent and solidifying coating, prevents efflorescence and does not flake off.
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