Knuchel Farben
Parent company with production and development for the areas of building protection, wood as well as automotive and industrial coatings.
Subsidiary specialized in high quality painting and coating systems for industry, steel and hydraulic engineering as well as in many special fields.
Knuchel Farben LTD well-known brand for building protection products. Serves as a secondary brand, where an independent appearance should be possible.
Tinting systems, basic products / Tinting machines and vibrators

7610 FAST & FLUID dosing unit HARBIL HA680

The HA680 is the ideal solution for large retail sales areas and service centers and is suitable for various dye systems. The machine is equipped with 16 to 36 canisters in POM or stainless steel (36 pump positions) from 3 to 20 litres, has as standard an electric lifting table. With the new High Speed package, the dosing time can be reduced by up to 40 %. The new design offers easy refilling due to the low front. The height for optimum ergonomics can be selected.
Article-No Designation Content SU CHF Piece
7610.HA680-24 HA680, 18x6 / 3x10 / 3x20 lt piece (1) 27000.00
From goods value CHF 100.- the delivery is free of charge.
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