Knuchel Farben
Parent company with production and development for the areas of building protection, wood as well as automotive and industrial coatings.
Subsidiary specialized in high quality painting and coating systems for industry, steel and hydraulic engineering as well as in many special fields.
Knuchel Farben LTD well-known brand for building protection products. Serves as a secondary brand, where an independent appearance should be possible.
Mould control

5    Mould control

826 baX
826 ANTISEPT «Standard» mould protection coating inter.
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825 baX
825 ANTISEPT «Airless» mould protection coating interior
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827 baX
827 INTERIOR anti-condensation coating interior
baX is a diffusion-open and heat-insulating coating system with corrosion-inhibiting effect (passive rust protection) based on aqueous polymers. The reinforced microporous structure of baX ensures effective condensation absorption and release. Condensation is absorbed by the surface structure, distributed and released back into the room air. The surfaces remain dry and protect against dripping condensation and consequential damage such as mould growth, hygiene problems, corrosion, ice formation etc. baX is emission-free, non-flammable and toxicologically harmless in the event of a fire (EU standard ISO 5659).
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821 baX
821 EXTERIOR anti-condensation coating exterior
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820 baX
820 INDUSTRIAL anti-condensation coating interior
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824 baX
824 ACUSTIC space protection coating
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823 baX
823 FILLER pore filler
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mould repellentdispersion
DUROCID is a water-dilutable acrylic dispersion paint with a mildew-resistant finish. It is suitable for surfaces in damp and poorly ventilated rooms. DUROCID shows high opacity, very good wash and rub resistance (over 15'000 drawers) as well as high yield. DUROCID is pleasantly easy to apply without leaving any build-up, has a low odour and hardly splashes when rolled. DUROCID coatings are characterized by low sensitivity to dirt, high adhesion and alkali resistance as well as lightfastness (no dark or light yellowing) and are resistant to aging (crack-free) thanks to high elasticity.
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biocide + algicide concentrate
XENOZID is a water-dilutable concentrate with algicidal and biocidal finish. It is ideal for the restoration of wood and masonry in outdoor areas that are infected by algae, mould, fungi, lichen, moss, etc. The fungicidal and bactericidal agents effectively disinfect the infested substrates. To prevent further infestation, we recommend using a coating system that is protected against algae and mould.
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Stop against mold, moss and algae
STOP disinfectant removes mould, especially green or grey coating, from house facades, roofs, wooden fences, masonry and sanitary facilities etc. Also suitable for removing algae and moss indoors and for cleaning gravestones, tile joints, etc.
Precautions: Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.
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mould-stop additional concentrate
STOP highly concentrated additive against mould and bacteria for all water-thinnable lacquers, dispersions, facade paints, synthetic resin plasters and heat-insulating facade full heat protection, for white and all shades of colour, and as a mould preventing agent in the wallpaper paste. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications. STOP highly concentrated additive is approved for all applications.
Precautions: Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.
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KlimaTec panel PRO
The ERFURTKlimaTec is a climate panel made of expanded glass granulate. The front is covered with a glass fleece and the back is laminated with a mesh fabric. The KlimaTec panel is used for mould prevention and mould remediation. The diffusion-open panel increases the wall surface temperature and has a moisture-regulating effect. The climate panel creates flat and pressure-resistant surfaces on uneven surfaces and offers various possibilities for (diffusion-open) reworking, e.g. by wall coverings, plasters and coating materials.
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system adhesive SR 6
The ERFURT system adhesive SR 6 is used for laying the interior insulation boards ERFURT-KlimaTec IP 2500+ / IP 3500+, climate boards ERFURT-KlimaTec KP 2500+, ERFURT-KlimaTec reveal boards LP1000+ and ERFURT-KlimaTec insulation wedges DK 2. The adhesive consists of lightweight fillers, cement and additives.
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KlimaTec decoupling tape PRO
Self-adhesive end coupling tape for KlimaTec climate panel.
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4051 Toothed
trowel made of steel 10x10mm
Toothed trowel made of stainless steel 10x10mm with screwed wooden handle. Ideal for working with ERFURT KlimaTec panels.
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2990 Cork
Cork strips are best suited for elastic connection to other components and provide the necessary sound insulation.
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29510 KORFF
Superwand DS
The Superwand panel with an integrated vapor barrier is a high-quality insulating panel from Korff AG, which is used for internal thermal insulation. In addition to isolating living spaces, the Superwand DS is primarily used to eliminate mould problems. The Superwand PRO is mainly used for thermal insulation, as it is equipped with an additional insulation layer. Internal insulation with the Superwand is an excellent solution, especially for renovation work where the external facade is to be preserved and / or external insulation is not possible or unsuitable. The Superwand can be used in all rooms of the apartment - even in the bathroom.
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29511 KORFF
For professional installation of the Superwand panels, you need a wall covering adhesive. For absorbent substrates, we recommend the Superwand adhesive or the Superwand Express adhesive, for non-absorbent substrates the Superwand Contact adhesive. The wall covering adhesives are characterised by high initial adhesion and bonding strength. The express adhesive dries within 24 hours, the contact adhesive within 12 hours. The wall covering adhesives are waterproof, solvent-free and suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Please refer to the technical data sheet.
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