Knuchel Farben
Parent company with production and development for the areas of building protection, wood as well as automotive and industrial coatings.
Subsidiary specialized in high quality painting and coating systems for industry, steel and hydraulic engineering as well as in many special fields.
Knuchel Farben LTD well-known brand for building protection products. Serves as a secondary brand, where an independent appearance should be possible.

Paint components and their tasks

e.g. BRILAC industrial synthetic resin orange


Binders consist mainly of synthetic resins and give the coating film.


  • Adhesion Gloss
  • Elasticity
  • Mechanical strength
  • Chemical resistance
  • Weatherproo

These have the task of dissolving the various resins and making the paint sprayable, dippable or brushable, depending on requirements. We distinguish between low, medium and high boilers.


The pigments give the paint film its colour and hiding power.

Paint additives

The same are only present in the paint in small quantities and have to perform very specific tasks.


  • Wetting agent to facilitate the dispersion process
  • Anti-settling agent to prevent hard sediment
  • Stabilizing agent prevents thickening of the ink during storage
  • Levelling agent for the formation of a perfect film surface
  • Siccatives to accelerate drying
  • Defoaming agent prevents demixing of the colour shade
  • Agent for improving film surfaces such as anti-crater, slip, higher scratch resistance
  • Anti-seepage and thickening agent
  • Adhesion promoter