Knuchel Farben
Parent company with production and development for the areas of building protection, wood as well as automotive and industrial coatings.
Subsidiary specialized in high quality painting and coating systems for industry, steel and hydraulic engineering as well as in many special fields.
Knuchel Farben LTD well-known brand for building protection products. Serves as a secondary brand, where an independent appearance should be possible.


1. Low emission heating system

Two heat sources one goal: The plant uses the cooling water circuit of our manufacturing machines to feed the hot water produced directly into the heating system with a powerful refrigeration machine and pump station. This technology saves fuel oil and drastically reduces the pollutant values of the exhaust gases.

Emissions of the heating system in kg / a, CO2 t/a


    Formerly   Now
SO2   190.08   43.96
NOx   77.76   17.98
CH4   1.44   0.33
NMVOC   8.64   2.00
CO   31.68   7.33
CO2   210.24   48.6


The concept is supported by the installation of a heat recovery system in the high-bay warehouse. Furthermore, 3 dust separators in the production rooms ensure that no dust particles are released into the atmosphere.


2. Safety for the environment

We are proud to have done more for the safety of the company than the authorities required. All factory buildings are equipped with a state-of-the-art automatic sprinkler system, not only the production facilities but also the two high-bay warehouses as well as the offices, the laboratory, the tinting plant, the forwarding department and the cellar rooms. In addition, there is a chemical sewerage system around the factory with a large collection tank to prevent damage to surrounding land in the event of a disaster.


3. Promotion of environmentally friendly green electricity

By purchasing green electricity, we are setting an example for a conscious approach to the environment that conserves resources.



4. Photovoltaics

Photovoltaics are a sustainable way to generate electricity. We support the federal government's efforts to selectively use roof areas to generate electricity. Knuchel Farben AG has installed a photovoltaic system on suitable roof surfaces. The panels cover an area of 700 m² and have an output of 120 kWp.  The system generates about 100 MWh of electricity per year, which corresponds to about 1/7 of Knuchel Farben AG's electricity needs.
On the roof of our new building "Avenir 2022" we will extend the plant by another 480 m². This plant has an output of 100 kWp and will generate about 100 MWh of electricity. In total, we will therefore produce around 200 MWh, which corresponds to a good quarter of our electricity consumption.